About Us

Our Mission

To equip organizations to become stronger in the face of any challenge, crisis or opportunity.

Who We Are

We believe in doing what is right and that by doing so, we build strength, define character and rise to the challenge to overcome any obstacles tomorrow may present.  NewDay Care Products is part of Food Marketing Consultants, Inc and San Bernardo Ice Cream.

We have over 50 years of logistics history and success as a manufacturer and wholesaler.  Our experience in developing new companies and organizations in multiple sectors has prepared us for operating in a post-pandemic world; we have sought personal protective equipment for our essential, front line workers.  We quickly realized that the process is too complicated and rapidly evolving for something so important.

So we are creating the right protection solutions so that growing organizations can provide safe environments for building and succeeding in the new normal.

Why Us

Our approach to providing the protection your organization needs is consultative, personal and customized.  We leverage our extensive expertise and relationships in supply chains and logistics to relentlessly solve your biggest problems.  Our standard is to be informed, anticipate tomorrow’s challenges and remain calm in face of any pressures for every one of our customers.